Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Results

Best Series 1 Episode: The Empty Child
Best Series 2 Episode: Army of Ghosts
Best Series 3 Episode: Smith and Jones
Best Series 4 Episode: The Stolen Earth
Best Actress: Freema Agyeman
Best Actor: David Tennant
Best Companion: Donna Noble
Best Doctor: Tenth
Amazing Gadget: Sonic Screwdriver
Worst Episode: Love & Monsters
Best Writer: Steven Moffat
Favourite Scene: Doctor and Rose Goodbye
Favourite Quote: "I'm regenerating"
Favourite Monster: Daleks



pulse003 said...

That's pretty good results, I agree with a lot of them.

The Medusa Cascade

Patar said...

i agree with most of them. i dont think freema should've got best actress.

thedoctorwho07 said...

I really do not think Smith and Jones should have got Best Series 3 Episode at all.

Robit said...

The Sound Of Drums Should Of Got The Best Series 3 Episode And Donna Is A Really Good Companion But Rose Is Just Legend