Monday, 15 June 2009


Well, the results for the "Best Content Site Awards" have now arrived! I tried my best to get everyone an award, but I'm sorry if you didn't get one. The results are below:

Best Template Category
Best Sidebar Category:

Best Posts Category:
Best Graphics Category:

Best Banner Category:
Best June Site Category:
Best Altogether Site:

Thank you!


Combom said...

thanx, the cheque is in the post ;)

Seb said...

Thank you for awarding our site 'Best June site'

timelordcentral said...

thank you for that i was thinking if i won best banner cause you made it lol
thanks again!

Will said...

Thank you! Really pleased about the award for Will and Seb, and for The Proc! It makes it seem as if our hard work hasn't gone unnoticed ;)

Did you like the update of the SJA page on the Proc? I thought I'd tell you cos I know SJA is your thing :D


thedoctorwho07 said...

Thanks so much Rhi! I really appreciate it!

I shall display it proudly on my Awards Wall right away!

Thanks again! =D