Wednesday, 5 August 2009

August Results!

Well, the results are here! Again, huge apologies to everyone who didn't win. I had a really tough decision choosing. All your sites are amazing, and I just happen to be presenting some of them with awards. Trust me, if there were more awards, your site would be getting them!

Non Winners (sorry!):

Whenever I visit this blog, there's always updates that I have to catch up with! Overall, it's a truly anazing site, congratulations!

Doctor Who Mad Online take great care with the posts, all in blocks, making it extra specially neat! The layout is neat as well, the owner is definitely organised!
Will and Seb have won 'Wackiest Blog' because it's not just about Doctor Who, it's also about other things, and overall it's a brilliant blog, congratulations!
Whoviavortex have won 'Special Blog' because there's something different and slightly unique about this blog, I just can't think what it is, congratulations!
'Friendliest Blog' has to go to Children of Tardis, no competition. Why? Because some owners of sites can be very unfriendly, even if they don't mean to be. Ro and PAL95 are some of the friendliest people I know (virtually), and CofT is amazing! Well done!

The Oncoming Storm have won 'Favourite Blog' because, well, it's just my favourite blog! It's just that the layout is incredible, the posts are always understandable, grammar is brilliant, and the owner is a friendly and sensible person. Well done!

The Gallifrey Vortex have won 'Best Banner' because whenever I visit, whether the banner is new or not, it's always of high quality, and made by the owner himself. The banners are incredible, always with a completely different style. Congratulations!Laser Screwdriver have won 'Best Graphics' because they're basically the only graphics site in this competition, but basically the best graphics site on the web (Doctor Who based). Also, the owner, Meg, is really nice, and L-S is very organised and professional. Well done!
New Doctor Who 24 Updated have won 'Best Blog of August' because their site has a brilliant layout, an amazing owner, the banners are out of this WORLD, and I visit every day just to see how the site is getting on! Well done!


Tom said...

Thanks For The Award :D

Will said...

Well done everyone, especially sensible Becky! :P

Anonymous said...

Jee, thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhi, thankee for the award !!!!!! Sorry it's taken me a while to reply but I've been swamped with home pressures and haven't been online for a while

Thanks again :D

Ro x