Monday, 27 July 2009

August Awards

The August awards have now arrived! These awards are called the "Best Doctor Who Fansite Awards", and there are nine awards to give out! You can enter your website by commenting on this site, the homepage, or Emailing me. The closing date is 5th August, so get entering! The terms and conditions are below:

Terms and Conditions
  • Your website must be somewhat related to Doctor Who, the cast or it's spin offs

  • Your website must be in English (unless I already know your site)

  • Your website must NOT be under construction from now til' 5th August

  • You can only enter one website each, but don't try to create different IDs to enter, because both your websites will be disqualified.

Get it? Let's begin!


Anonymous said...

Enter us please
(BTW we are new but not under construction)

Doctor Who Mad Online said...


Will said... please!

Thank you!

Patar said...

you know who I am :)

Eliott said...

Hello there :)


Sylar said...

I'd like to enter! kthxbai!


I think you already know it, that's why I try to enter.

thedoctorwho07 said...

Hi Rhi!

I'd love to enter your awards!

TPB said...

ill enter

Doctor Who Dave said...

I'm too late :(

Best of luck to everyone!